This is an episode of a British TV show showing how a fly fishing guide trolls flies when the wind is too strong to fly cast. It is shot from within the boat and does not do a good job of showing the wind drift trolling method. Trolling under power is not allowed on most British "Midland Lakes". The guide uses a large rudder to keep the boat pointed down the wind for maximum speed. These boats tend to drift side ways to the wind without the rudder. The good stuff starts at 8:30 into the video. I had to watch it twice to really get what they were doing and saying.


There are somethings to know before you watch this video.  It is against the regulations to troll under motor power on these waters.  To troll you can row or wind drift.  "RUDDER FISHING" is a windy day technique for controlling boat direction and speed for the rental boats on these lakes.  The accents make understanding the conversations a bit tough.  I got more out of it the second time I watched it.  This television show episode is an interesting look at fly trolling from another continent.