About My Business

I have been in the fly fishing industry as a sales rep, manufacturer, fly distributor since 1993.  My interest in trolling flies began when I met Jay Fair in the 1990's.  When the "Wiggle Fin Action Disc" came on the market in 2002 I knew it was a game changer for trolling flies.  Since then I have been fishing with and producing trolling flies.  I do most of my trolling in Northern California freshwater lakes.  For the last decade I have been making annual trips to the Puget Sound to fish for salmon in saltwater.  My salmon flies are catching kings and cohos from Alaska to Monterey Bay CA.  If you would like to skip the bait mess, and the heavy tackle needed for flashers, please try an Action Disc with a trolling fly.  I think you will enjoy it.

Denis Peirce



On the Strait of Juan De Fuca, salmon trolling 2014

Trolling Accessories

Drop in to my accessories pages.  There are a number of accessories.

  • "Slide Lock Beads" are the ideal bobber stop to fix the Action Disc up the line above the fly.  The two prime variables to change the swimming action of the fly are boat speed and distance between disc and the fly.  The bead is a soft plactic that has .25 inches of friction on the line which will hold large discs at high trolling speeds.
  • "Snap Hooks" allow quick changing of flies when searching through color or styles.
  • Spinner Blades to ad more attraction to bucktailing flies and all trolling presentations.