Trout are selective to the depth at which they are searching for food.  If trout are chasing shad at the surface and you are trolling 60 feet down you will not catch many fish.  The correct depth is more important than boat speed or fly color.  Below are some of the line options I use to go down the water column, seeking the proper depth.

The Jay Fair Trolling Line is ready to wind on to your empty reel.  There is 50 yards of 20# dacron backing.  Next is 100 feet of floating level fly line.  Then there is 15 feet of 18# lead core line with 20 feet of 8# monofilament leader.

Jay Fair Trolling Line $54.50

This kit contains 30 feet of LC-13 Lead Core line (LC-13 weighs 13 grains per foot).  The coating on this line is smooth so it will not abraid fly rod snake guides the way standard lead core does.  It comes with 4 leader loops and shrink tubing to create two custom length heads.  I recommend a 3' head and a 27' head.  The short 3' will just get your fly below the surface at 2 MPH.  Depending on factors such as backing line diameter and boat speed the 27 foot pieces can fish down below the 20' range.  The loops allow for quick change of the heads.  Instructions included.  $15.95 per kit.

LC-13 Head Building Kit. $15.95

I offer 18# lead core because the lighter lines have dramatically slower sink rates and the heavier lines do not sink much faster for the added weight.  18# lead core weighs 11 grains per foot.  A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: At speeds of .75 to 1.8 mph your fly will drop 5 feet per color ( one foot of depth for each six feet of lead core out).  Price: $17.95 each.

For a very detailed explanation of trolling and rigging lead core go to:

Kerplunk Lead Core, 100 yds, 18#