Trout are selective to the depth at which they are searching for food.  If trout are chasing shad at the surface and you are trolling 60 feet down you will not catch many fish.  The correct depth is more important than boat speed or fly color.  Below are some of the line options I use, to go down the water column, seeking the proper depth.


The Redesigned "TOP-LINE" trolling line.

Based on the fly trolling lines developed in the 1980's at Eagle Lake CA, my lines have been upgraded, replacing fly line backing with thinner braided line to increase backing length without needing a larger reel.   The bulk of the line is a Scientific Anglers 100 foot long "Floating - Shooting" line.   I have also changed to a two step leader, 20' of 10# connected to 5' of 8# leader with a mini #14 stainless steel swivel.  The 8# mono terminates with a small hook clip to quickly change through fly colors.

NOW in STOCK, ready to ship.

"Top-Line" Trolling line: $54.50 each [free shipping]

CORASTRONG BRAID:   2 sizes 15# .005 inch  or  20# .008 inch.  This braided non-stretch line is extremely thin for the break strength allowing for minimal lift when used to back up leaded line.   The non-stretch feature allows for positive hook sets.  Each spool has 100 yards of line.  Each box contains 6 interconnected spools allowing up to 600 yards (1800 feet) on a reel.  You can order any number of interconnected spools up to 6.   This was from a close out sale with limited quantities on hand.  This is an excellent value at $5.00 per 100 yard spool.   MADE in GERMANY.

Corastrong Braid: 15#, .005 diameter. $5.00 per 100yd spool. Maximum 6 spools interconnected.
Corastrong Braid: 20#, .008 diameter. $5.00 per 100yd spool. Maximum 6 interconnected spools.

This kit contains 30 feet of LC-13 Lead Core line (LC-13 weighs 13 grains per foot).  When stopped this lead-core sinks at the rate of 9 inches per second. The coating on this line is smooth so it will not abrade fly rod snake guides the way standard lead core does.  It comes with 4 leader loops and shrink tubing to create two custom length heads.  I recommend a 3' head and a 27' head.  The short 3' will just get your fly below the surface at 2 MPH.  Depending on factors such as backing line diameter and boat speed the 27 foot pieces can fish down below the 20' range.  The loops allow for quick change of the heads.  Instructions included.  $17.95 per kit.  I recommend backing this lead core head with Corastrong Braid to minimize lift and get you fly as deep as possible at any given speed.

LC-13 Head Building Kit. $17.95

I have been asked for reasonably priced Fluorocarbon leader material.  I found this from a salt water manufacturer/supplier.  I tested this product and it is strong and supple for tying knots.  50 yards per spool, spool large enough to slide on to wrist when rigging multiple rods, great line diameter to break strength ratio.  $8.95 per 50 yard spool.  Choice of 4#, 6#, 8#.  If you want stronger leaders contact me.  I can add more options.

Pound Test
Fluoro 50 yard leader spool $8.95 each