There are two determinate s to fly action when trolling with an Action Disc.  The first is boat speed.  The second is the distance the disc is fixed above the fly.  I have effectively fished  with discs directly against the eye of the hook and as much as 18 inches up the line.


  • Provide .25 inches of friction to hold large discs in position even at high trolling speeds.  Standard "Bobber Stops" are designed to be small and slip through rod guides while casting.  They slip under many trolling conditions.

  • Are made of a soft plastic that will not damage your line. 

  • Feature a quick change capability with the squeeze of the pliers, allowing you to rapidly optimize your flies action at any speed.

  • WARNING:  Large Action Discs flex the line at the base of the disc thousands of times per hour.  I have had 10# line break at the bead after 3 days of continuous trolling.  I recommend adjusting the bead a couple of times per day to reduce line fatigue.  It only requires a small adjustment of a half inch.

Slide Lock Beads, $3.75