Topographic Map

Starting January 2019, I will be posting monthly podcasts of interviews with Jeff Goodwin, the trolling guide with the highest number of days on the lake per year. Our conversations will be geared to giving you an understanding of how, when and where to troll Shasta Lake through the 12 months of the year. The Pro-Guide Map will be a great reference when listening.

This audio content although focused on Shasta will have relevance to other reservoirs in California and throughout the west. Jeff is the first guide to bring “Great Lakes” big water trolling techniques to California. If you want to learn more about trolling for trout, bass and salmon this is a must listen podcast. Sign up for my news letter at the bottom of this page to be notified of new podcasts as they become available.

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Shasta Lake Map:

  • Water Proof - Tear Proof Paper

  • GPS Grid lines

  • The most accurate contour lined map on the market, (see story below).

  • 28.75 inches X 21 inches

  • Distance / Time Chart

  • Fishing tips and more ….

Shasta Lake Map (folded), $6.00 each + $1.35 postage
Shasta Lake Map (flat) $6.00 + $7.20 priority postage & tube.


Cartographer and bass fishing guide Cash Colby conceived of the Pro-Guide Map Series in the 1980’s. When he took on the Shasta Lake Map project he contacted the US Bureau of Reclamation. To his surprise they offered him the use of the original topographical maps made in the 1930’s of the proposed lake site. The maps were of such a scale that it took a three car garage for Cash to lay out all of the pieces at one time. Access to these maps was the key to getting such a detailed contour of the lake bottom. Today, after 911, these maps are no longer available to the public. Denis Peirce purchased the remaining maps and the copy rights to the art work from Cash Colby and they are now available through this web site. The map is available folded to 10.5” X 6” format. There is a limited quantity of the maps flat, not folded, suitable for framing or under glass as a deck top. These can be mailed, rolled in a tube. The folded maps are mailed in a manila envelope.