Pond Smelt Mini Tube Fly (pair)

Pond Smelt, Mini Tube Fly

Pond Smelt in northern California lakes spawn in March.  Spawning adults are from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.  The young of the year hatch in the rocky shallows and ultimately migrate to the depths as the water warms in early summer..  When these juvenile smelt are on the menu for trout and bass the predators are often selective to the size of the fly or lure.  These tube flies and my Marabou Minnow Smelt have proven very effective cast to the shallows from shore as well as trolled in the shallows or at depth when the water warms.  

When trolling I recommend using these behind a small dodger.  They are so light that they might not swim well with an Action Disc.  These flies are about 1.5 inches overall.  See blog "Size Matters" near bottom of left side navigation.


Pond Smelt Mini Tube Fly: $2.39/pair