Pink Salmon or Humpie Fly

[Underwater video loading lower down the page]

This fly is one of my Arctic Fox Fur tube flies.  The fur has been dyed hot pink.  It has UV Pink Krystal flash and Pink Flash-a-bou over the fur to add sparkle in the water.  It comes with a red #2 Gamakatsu octopus hook suitable for saltwater use.  Also included with the fly is a Series #1 "Wiggle Fin Action Disc".   The disc adds action to the fly allowing you to troll it with light tackle.  You do not need a flasher/dodger and the heavy rods that they require.  I troll these flies on a fly rod, the perfect tackle for a 5 pound pink salmon.

Arctic Fox Tube Fly, Pink $3.79 each. Free Shipping on orders over $28.00

E-Mail from Enrique G.   (08-16-2015)

I fish from a kayak and this morning in Edmonds, WA I was trolling in 200 feet of water when this pink salmon bit your fly. It was great fun. I had a 7wt with a floating line, 15’ Type 6 tip that I added 15’ of 27lb lead core and a 7’ 12lb leader to. The disc was ~4” back from the lure. Please pardon the sea lice.


Look forward to catching many more.

This slowly loading video shows the pink tube with the disc at the fly and with disc6 inches up the line.

Rigging Tips:

  • I think of tube flies as part of a system rather than just a stand alone lure.  I will add in-line spinners, beads and more tube flies to modify the presentation.
  • If the fish are short striking put beads on the line between tube and hook.  This will move the hook farther to the rear of the fly.
  • Placing beads between the disc and the fly will make a longer lure and move the disc away from the fly.
  • With the disc against the nose of the fly, the turbulence from the disc will lift out the fur for a bulkier fly.  The disc fixed up the line with a Slide Lock Bead, swivel or bobber stop will give the fly a slimmer profile and more of a vibration that a wiggle.
  • For a larger fly stack 2 or more tube flies on the line.  Beads between the tubes will add even more length.
  • Metal and glass beads add flash and some weight to the fly.  Anglers fishing close to the bottom with down riggers use foam beads.  These allow the fly to float up off the bottom if you hang up your down rigger ball.
  • I carry a selection of glow-in-the-dark beads to add light to the presentation on dark days.