These are high quality fly boxes that I have used myself to be sure they are items that I want to offer on my site. They are a great way to organize and to protect your trolling flies.


Magnum Fly Storage Boat Box

11” X 8” X 2.5”

My largest 2 sided fly box. It easily holds 60 large 3” to 4” trolling flies, more if you don’t mind crowding them. Even with one side open, it still floats. Each side has water proof gasket. Allow flies to dry before closing air tight lid to prevent hook rusting. A perfect accessory for your boat.

Magnum Fly Storage Box: $34.95 each

Medium Fly Storage Box

6” X 4” X 1.75”

A smaller, easy to stow, two sided box that will fit 20 of my Jay Fair Trolling Flies ( 10 in each side). The dome lid ensures enough head room for winged flies. Air tight gasket on each lid, dry flies before closing lid for long term storage to prevent hook rusting. A secure way to organize and protect your trolling flies.

Medium Fly Storage Box: $14.95 each

More Fly Box Options to be Added in the Near Future! Check Back.