These are sets of three spinners and three quick change clevis'.  I chose to offer the nickel/silver color because of its versatility.  I always have the clevis resting on a bead as a bearing surface.  When viewed from the perspective of a pursuing fish the back of the blade reflects the color of the bead.  You can change the blade color by changing the bead.

I will often hold the blade/clevis up the line well ahead of the fly, as if the fly were chasing it.  For this I use a Slide Lock Bead, with a colored bead above.

#2 Coho Spinners & Clevis', 3/pack$2.59

#2 Indiana Blade =  7/8 inch long X 7/16 inch wide.

COHO Spinner #2, $2.59

#4 Coho Spinners & Clevis', 3/pack$3.39

#4 Indiana Blade = 1 1/8 inch long X 5/8 inch wide.

COHO Spinner #4, $3.39