These tube flies are tied with Arctic Fox Fur.  Fox fur has the movement of marabou but has excellent tensile strength.  Marabou is a feather, designed for flight.  Fur is tough and meant to protect the animal, a superior fly tying material.  Also arctic fox is white which allows it to be dyed bright colors.

Each of these tube flies comes with an original Series 1 "Wiggle Fin Action Disc", a #2 Gamakatsu octopus hook, and an instruction sheet with rigging suggestions.

Hot Orange.JPG


This is my "Go To" tube fly color.  I always start a multi-rod spread with one of my orange tube flies.  It is the first fly tried and the last to be changed out for another color.  Does it catch more fish for me because the fish like it or because it is in the water longer?  You decide.


Hot Orange: $3.79 each


This color has been particularly successful on trout in northern California.  The "Alper's Trout" in the Eastern Sierra have a penchant for it.  It has been quite successful catching pink salmon in saltwater.

UV Pink Tube Fly: $3.79 each


Black as a tube fly color is possibly the most popular on my site.  The green flash was the first based on the original #2 fur streamer that used green to match the black/green chenille body.  Green flash shows up well much deeper than the redflash version.

Black/Green Flash Tube Fly: $3.79


This is another Pyramid Lake, Nevada pattern.  The "cui cui chub" in the lake are a gray hued fish with hints of gold showing in the pearl belly.  This fly also imitates the tui chub minnow that can be gray in rocky environments.

Gray/Gold Flash Tube Fly: $3.79 each
Tui Chub.JPG


Another of my most popular tube flies.  It does mimic a tui chub bait fish, but it is a fair representation of a baby bass.  I chose gold flash because tui chub has a pearl/gold hue to its belly.  There is a hint of red under its scales which becomes very prominent during the spawn.

Tui Chub: $3.79


Chartreuse and other "Hot" colors are my first choices in deep lakes.  Based on "GoPro" video, chartreuse turns to a more green color under water.  A good way to rig it is to stack a black tube fly over it' making a "Hot Butt" black fly.

Chartreuse Tube Fly: $3.79 each


Black with red is the most popular wooly worm color at Pyramid Lake Nevada.  I added a red flash fly based on requests from Pyramid anglers.  Since then high elevation trout anglers in the Eastern Sierra have found these trout prefer the red version.

Black/Red Flash Tube Fly: $3.79 each


This fly represents the juvenile pond smelt or other small bait fish.  It is tied using Arctic Fox fur with highlights of UV Flash.  The pattern is sold in pairs without an Action Disc.  Fly length is 1.4" to 1.5 inches to mimic a late Spring/early Summerbaby pond smelt.


Pond Smelt Mini Tube Fly, Price for pair of flies: $2.39
UV SmeltWhite.JPG


Another popular fly color in waters that hold Japanese Pond Smelt.  The flash is UV/pearl with a few strands of holographic purple in the core of the fly.  This is a good color for deep water lakes that have suspended schools of bait fish.  White fur can be colored with permanent ink felt tip pens.

UV White/ Pond Smelt: $3.79


I dye this fur a combination of brown and orange.  The color spectrum of brown-orange-copper gives the best contrast for fish to see in rich green waters common in the high desert lakes of the inter-mountain west.

Rust Tube Fly: $3.79 each


This color was in response to a request from an Idaho angler wanting a fly to imitate a giant leech.  He asked for a night crawler brown fly with a red "blood" core.  It is my only tube fly with the flash in the core of the fly.

Vampire Tube Fly: $3.79 each