These FLASHTAIL CLOUSERS are based on traditional "Bucktail" casting flies.  The modern design features include the 60 degree, 4/0 jig hook.  This hook allows this fly to crawl over logs and other obstacles that would hang up a traditional fly hook or a 90 degree jig hook.  The lead eyes make the head "drop on the pause" during a pulsing retrieve.  When the head drops the "Flash-tail" silver flash-a-bou tail flexes, giving a life-like action to the fly.  This style is the most popular striper fly with fly casters in the Sacramento Delta region of California.  I have been trolling it behind the #2 Action Disc with good results.

FLASHTAIL CLOUSER  Blue/White, 4/0.    $3.95 each  

FLASTAIL CLOUSER  Olive/White 4/0.                $3.95 each 

FLASHTAIL CLOUSER    Chartreuse, 4/0.           $3.95 each 

FLASHTAIL CLOUSER   Red/White, 4/0.              $3.95 each 


Blue over white is a standard deep water bait fish color.  These flies have plenty of flash to reflect light.


If you want to know what color the minnow in a body of water are look down at the bottom.  In water with a mossy bottom this color will "match the hatch".


If you could fish only one color for stripers this is the one.  Half of all the Flashtail Clousers I sell are Chartreuse.  It shows up well in stained water.


This is a classic color combination that has caught stripers for a century or more.  It still produces fish if you keep it on the line long enough.