Marabou Minnow Series

I have been asked for smaller trolling flies by anglers pursuing fish feeding on newly hatched minnows.  At Lake Almanor California the pond smelt spawn in March and through the spring and early summer the predators key in on shorter minnows.  At these times size does matter, you need to "match the hatch".  Anglers fishing high mountain lakes ,with very clear water, have also had success scaling down their presentations as well as using much lighter leader material.

I have responded with the Marabou Minnow Series.  These flies are tied in the same popular color combinations as my original "Arctic Fox Trolling Flies".  They are tied with marabou because it retains its movement in short lengths which fur does not do.  I chose quality salt water hooks to get ones with the strength, gap and sharp enough point to land a large fish.

Tui Chub, $3.49 per pair.  Olive over white with gold flash.

Tui Chub

Rainbow Trout, $3.49 per pair.

Rainbow Trout

UV Pond Smelt, $3.49 per pair.  A mix of tan and gray marabou over white.  The flash is UV reflective.

UV Pond Smelt

Brown Trout, $3.49 per pair.  Tied with brown-olive  marabou over yellow.  It also imitates sucker and carp minnows.

Brown Trout

Lahontan Redside Minnow, $3.49 per pair.  Olive over black over white marabou.  The bait fish of the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe.

Lahontan Redside Minnow

Black,  $3.49 per pair.  The flash is red on this fly.


Chartreuse,  $3.49 per pair.


Hot Orange,  $3.49 per pair.

Hot Orange

Mickey Finn,  $3.49 per pair.

Mickey Finn

Rust,  $3.49 per pair.