These are high quality fly boxes that I have used myself to be sure they are items that I want to offer on my site. They are a great way to organize and to protect your trolling flies.


Magnum Fly Storage Boat Box

11” X 8” X 2.5”

My largest 2 sided fly box. It easily holds 60 large 3” to 4” trolling flies, more if you don’t mind crowding them. Even with one side open, it still floats. A perfect accessory for your boat.

Magnum Fly Storage Box: $34.95 each

Medium Fly Storage Box

6” X 4” X 1.75”

A smaller, easy to stow, two sided box that will fit 20 of my Jay Fair Trolling Flies ( 10 in each side). The dome lid ensures enough head room for winged flies. A secure way to organize and protect your trolling flies.

Medium Fly Storage Box: $14.95 each

More Fly Box Options to be Added in the Near Future! Check Back.